Alison Stewart


教授 (Professor)



ロンドン大学教育研究所 応用言語学博士号取得。







Applied Linguistics, particularly social and cultural theories of language education;

discourse analysis and critical discourse analysis; teaching materials; and second language writing.



Real Life Reading (共著)(南雲堂、2008年)

‘Using communities of practice in Japanese university writing instruction ’. Proceedings of the 2005 joint BALEAL/SATEFL conference: New approaches to materials development for language learning. Ed. Alexander, O. Amsterdam:Lang., 2007. 149-159.

‘Teacher development and ad hoc communities ’. Learning Learning 14,1.(2007):5-15.









I enjoy reading contemporary literature, and have taught courses on British fiction.


I believe that classes taught entirely in English can be quite daunting for students, and try therefore to make my classes places where students feel comfortable and encouraged to speak out. A considerable amount of time is given, therefore, to discussion activities, where students talk in pairs or small groups, before speaking in front of the whole class.


Writing classes follow a process approach, in which students develop arguments and opinions through a process of research and discussion. However, I also lay great emphasis on analysis of model texts, as well as practice of paraphrase and summary in class, which is intended to develop a crucial academic skill, as well as increase writing speed and fluency.


The process approach also forms the basis of the presentation classes. As with the writing class, research and discussion are the heart of this course. Rather than written texts, however, we shall analyse video footage of actual apeakers to discover what makes a good speaker and an effective speech. Students will practice in small groups, using each other as coaches to improve performance.